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Blimbingsari (BWX)

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Time zone in Banyuwangi is : GMT+07:00

Sunrise of Java, or Banyuwangi, is a city with incredible natural beauty. Dubbed the Sunrise of Java because of its location at the tip of Java Island, where the sun rises earliest. The city is also known for its Diamond Triangle, a term for the three city\'s tourism excellence. The Diamond Triangle is Ijen Crater, Sukamade Beach, and Alas Purwo. Ijen Crater is famous for its exotic scenery, the phenomenon of blue fire, and the coffee plantations. There is also beautiful beach Sukamade, which is famous for the turtle breeding. Last but not least, Alas Purwo, famous by its Plengkung Beach, known as the best surfing place in Java and commonly referred to G-land by the tourists. Friendly people will make you more feel at home and enjoy your trip in this city.

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