How to Search For a Flight

flight 01 How to Search For a Flight On the Homepage select the Flight tab, next to the Hotel tab to search for flights.
Enter the name of the City, Airport name or Airport code you are departing from. After typing the first three letters we will present you with a selection of matching destinations. If you do not find your location in the list, continue to type to narrow down the options. Note that if you do not find the destination or airport in the list, it either means that we do not support that destination or that we have a different spelling for it. We support over 4000 airports world wide.
Next, select the City, Airport Name or Airport Code where you want to land.
After entering the name of your departure city, click on the “Departure Date” field and a calendar will pop-up. Just click on your desired Departure Date. Upon selecting Departure Date (marked in orange), you will immediately be prompted to enter your "Return Date". Then click on the Return Date you want to (marked in blue). If you just need "One Way", just turn off "the Round Trip" option in the top right of the calender box.
The next field to be filled in is the number of people will be a part of the flight. By clicking on the field, a pop-up (as seen in the picture) will appear and you just click on the number. If there are any children (between 2-11 years old) or infants (between 0-2 years old) please fill in the appropriate field to aid the airline in regards to seat placing before hand.
After filling all fields in the main menu search box, simply click the SEARCH button to continue the next booking process.

Once you click "Search", our system will start looking for the best price & available seats on all the relevant airlines for the route you requested. It can take a few seconds to gather all the real-time information from the airline systems that we have integrated.

How to Choose a Flight

Once all the flights information is ready, you will be able to make your selection. We divide the flights into 2 sections: the cheapest flight selection and the individual flight selection.
flight cheapesr price Cheapest flight. This is the cheapest option we have found for you on the selected dates. If you agree with this choice, simply click the button to continue the booking process (there could be other flights at the same price but with different schedule).
Alternatively you can select the flights of the Individual flight selection. You will find a list of all available flights for your selected Departure and Return Dates below.
The information displayed in the lists can be arranged in ascending or descending order according to name of airline, departure time, and length of flight, arrival time and price. In the title bar, click the up arrow in any field for descending order or the down arrow for ascending order.
By the aid of the flight filter, you can shorten the long list of available flights to cater your desired departure time and/or airline. Simply slide the tabs in the “Filter Departing Flight” or “Filter Returning Flight” sections to simplify the list of available flights according to your preferred departure time. You can also filter which airlines to be displayed in the list.
Airlines with a check mark on it will be displayed, whilst unchecked airlines will not. To check or uncheck an airline, just click the box next to the name. You can also filter the flight based on number of stops (direct flights only, one stop only and so on) depending on the route.

If you want to see all the details of a given flight, click anywhere on the flight row to view the details, and click again to close the details.
To select your departing flight, click the orange trolley button on the top right corner of the price field. Note that Nusatrip displays 2 prices: on the top the minimum total trip price (for a return trip), bellow is the price on the flight you are selecting. All prices are inclusive of all taxes: to follow our no hidden cost policy. Flight prices reflect the total number of people flying, you will always know the total price.

Once the Departing Flight selected, all other flights will be cleared, for you to select the Returning Flight. At any time you can unselect a flight by clicking the green X button where the cart used to be. If you are looking for a one way trip, you can click directly "continue" button.

You can select the Returning Flight that fits best your needs based on the options available in the list. Note that want to give you the maximum flexibility by allowing you to combine airlines any way you want to.

Once your Returning Flight select, the "continue" button will be active. Click the button to book the flights.

Entering Passenger Information and Payment Details

Having selected your flights, you will be directed to the next page. Here you will be prompt to fill in your personal details and choose your method of payment.
The information displayed is the details of your selected flights. We will re validate the availability and price once again to make sure nothing has changed. If the flight price has changed, we will show you a notification. At anytime you can go back to the flight list by clicking 'Back to Flight Search'
You are required to enter the details of the passengers (as seen in the picture). Select the title and type your first name, last name, identity number and birth date in each field as well as select your country of passport. For international flights, you will be required to fill in the passport number and expiry date field.
* You can skip this process if you have signed in to before, by using your saved contacts information. Click the text at the top-right. A pop-up screen (as seen in picture) will appear, and then enter your login details. From here you can also sign-in by using your Facebook account login.
Next, enter the main trip contact details. The name of the person in this section will receive emails for booking confirmation as well as the e-ticket. This person will also be the one that our customer service team or the airline would contact in case they need to. In the top field, select the name of the person who will receive the confirmation information. The second fields will automatically be filled in. After that continue to enter your email address (verify again in next field), mobile number and select your nationality.

Payment Methods

There are three different methods of payment to be chosen from. You can pay by using the Indonesian bank solution for ATM/ Bank transfer or by Online payment solution, credit card (VISA or MASTER CARD) are also accepted. Select the appropriate method of payment by clicking on the tab before continuing the process. Learn more about how to pay on Nusatrip here.

Before clicking PAY BUTTON, make sure to check the box stating that you approve the terms of sales and understand the condition of the air fare.
Having completed the payment process, a new page will appear stating the success of your flight reservation (as seen in picture). You will see your personal contact information, payment status and information related to your hotel booking.

*If you pay by using ATM Transfer, the Payment Status will read PENDING, and Amount Due will show the amount yet to be paid.

After completing the payment process, you will receive an email from The first email will confirm your flights booking and payment has been validated. Then you will receive the e-ticket document with the airline booking code and e-ticket number. Remember to print the e-ticket, in case the airline or airport personnel ask for your ticket information.

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