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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


You can book the tickets on NusaTrip easily by learning the Ticket Booking Method.

For NusaTrip members, a copy of the E-Ticket can be found in the "My Bookings" menu available on the website, mobile site, or application.
E-Tickets can also be downloaded manually via the website or mobile site by following these steps:
  1. Open the "My Bookings" menu
  2. In the "Retrieve Booking" column, please enter the booking code and email used when booking, then click retrieve
  3. On the next page, you can find the E-Ticket at the top right of the web page
Enjoy the convenience of booking arrangements when you are a NusaTrip member..

Ticket prices are subject to change according to availability on the airline

The flight routes available on NusaTrip Website/Application is based on the availability of each airline. If the selected flight route is not available, this can happen because there are no airlines operating on the selected route. Alternatively, you can perform a flight search based on the closest route to the destination airport.

Basically, there is an age category for airline ticket booking as follows:
  • Age under 2 years is categorized as an infant.
  • Age 2 - 11 years is categorized as a child.
  • Age over 12 years is categorized as an adult.


You can book a hotel on NusaTrip easily by learning the Hotel Booking Guide

All the facilities that listed under the room type, and also the tax is included in the room price. The information regarding the facilities and also the hotel policy could be found under "Room Details".

In general, the order status will be updated in the "My Bookings" menu available on the Application or Desktop for those who are already NusaTrip members, and in the emails sent automatically by NusaTrip

Policies for each hotel may vary, if your request can be fulfilled, there will be an additional charge collected by the hotel. You can contact our Customer Support for further information

Depending on the room type booked, please consult the general terms and conditions of the reserved room type to check if the rate includes breakfast or not. This information is available in the "Room Details" when you reserve.

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