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Bengkulu Hotels

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Bengkulu is a province in southwest Sumatra that stretches along the Indian Ocean. Bengkulu is divided into 9 regencies and a separate Bengkulu city, also the province’s capital. Despite is tropical climate, rain is observed throughout the years.

Bengkulu’s civilization started since 4000 BC, however Bengkulu started to gain population during the colonial era, leaving with numerous colonial-era sites, such as Fort Marlborough, Thomas Parr Monument, Bung Karno Seclusion House, and Fatmawati’s House.

Facing the Indian Ocean, most beaches in Bengkulu features a casuarina (instead of coconut tree), but not recommended for swimming and surfing because of rip currents with sharp corals. It is also known for the discovery of Raflesia arnoldii, the world’s largest flower.

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