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Bordeaux Railway Station (ZFQ)

So sánh & Đặt vé máy bay từ Aitutaki đến Bordeaux trực tuyến. Tìm tất cả vé khuyến mãi Aitutaki Bordeaux từ tất cả các hãng hàng không lớn.

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múi giờ trong Aitutaki là : GMT-10:00

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múi giờ trong Bordeaux là : GMT+01:00

This elegant city on the banks of the Garonne, near the Bay of Biscay, is in the heart of the newly famed Bordeaux wine region. Tour the areas wineries, while sampling some of the amazing products. Visit in the month of October and watch the grapes getting harvested. Despite the surrounding vineyards, don’t however neglect the city of Bordeaux itself: it\'s a stylish city with a lively cosmopolitan air and some of the best examples of 18th-century architecture in the whole of France. To see the nicest buildings stroll along the river near the Quai de la Douane (Customs House Quay).

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