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Time zone in Denpasar is : GMT+08:00

Denpasar may not be far from the usual touristy resort areas of Bali, but the moment you transcend to the capital of Bali, a change in atmosphere is clearly felt. The laid back beach lifestyle is instantly changed to a bustling city. Not as hectic as you may think a capital city to be, and the lack of skyscrapers, due to a Balinese custom that disallows buildings to be taller than a coconut tree, gives way for blue skies. Apart from the many busy Balinese buzzing around on their scooters, many monuments and temples can be seen around the city. Catch a glimpse of the traditional markets at Pasar Badung and see the magnificent colors of fresh produce and colorful batiks up for offer.

Airports Serving BALI

Bali, Ngurah Rai Intl. - (DPS)

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Time zone in Harbin is : GMT+08:00

Airports Serving HARBIN

Harbin - (HRB)

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