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Vienna Danubepier Hov (VDD)

Đặt & So sánh các chuyến bay đến Vienna . Tìm tất cả vé khuyến mãi Vienna từ các hãng hàng không giá rẻ và đầy đủ dịch vụ, giá rẻ nhất bắt đầu từ ...

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múi giờ trong Vienna là : GMT+01:00

A city packed with imperial history and beautiful architectures of buildings, Vienna offers a great journey and tourism. The city is the capital and largest city of Austria. Often referred as the “City of Music” because of it musical legacy, the city is also known as “the city of dreams”, because it was home to the world’s first psycho-analyst, Sigmund Freud. Vienna is a city with many cultural events, historical centre, coffee houses, and cosy wine taverns.

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