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Cairns Airport (CNS)

So sánh & Đặt vé máy bay từ Darwin đến Cairns trực tuyến. Tìm tất cả vé khuyến mãi Darwin Cairns từ tất cả các hãng hàng không lớn, giá rẻ nhất bắt đầu từ ...

Chuyến bay Darwin ĐẾN Cairns : Thông tin vị trí & sân bay

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múi giờ trong Cairns là : GMT+10:00

Cairns have been through a long way to become a tourist town like nowadays. After World War II, Cairns gradually developed into a centre for tourism. The city is situated near the popular sights, the Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The land around Cairns is still used for sugar cane farming, eventhough this land is increasingly under pressure from new suburbs as the city grows. However, Cairns still known as a modern city with its warm tropical climate and interesting to visit.

Sân bay phục vụ CAIRNS