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Pulau Sawu

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Tardamu (SAU)

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Tiket Kangaroo Island ke Pulau Sawu : Lokasi & Informasi bandara

Kangaroo Island

Waktu setempat di Kangaroo Island adalah : GMT+10:00

Pelayanan Bandara KANGAROO ISLAND

Pulau Sawu

Waktu setempat di Pulau Sawu adalah : GMT+08:00

Savu or Sabu has many beaches with white sands and protected by the coral. Surfers usually come to Uba Ae beach in Mesara. This beach is also known as a venue for the public to held a ceremony. Collecting the sea salt are the traditional activities of the people. In this island, you can found Sabu Sea National Marine Park, which is a nature reserve and conservation of all types of marine mammals, such as whales, dolphins, and turtles. Although the condition of the soil on the island is still relatively barren, but the crystal clear water of the sea and white sands that surrounds almost the entire shoreline seemed to be the main attraction.

Pelayanan Bandara PULAU SAWU

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