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Nanchang (KHN)

Bandingkan & Pesan tiket dari Gulfport ke Nanchang secara online. Temukan semua Gulfport Nanchang promo tiket dari semua maskapai.

Tiket Gulfport ke Nanchang : Lokasi & Informasi bandara


Waktu setempat di Gulfport adalah : GMT-06:00

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Waktu setempat di Nanchang adalah : GMT+08:00

Renowned for The Tengwang Pavilion, one of the ‘Four Great Towers of China’. This city is the capital of Jiangxi Province. It is a beautiful city with the Gan river traversing through the whole city.Nanchang is also famous for its scenery and cultural sites. Adjacent to the lakes and rivers is a scenic area with clear water, fresh air, as well as the natural beauty of the lake and hills. The traditional Nanchang Cuisine also plays a very important role in Chinese food culture.

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